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02.06.2021-Superbowl Vikings Legends Moundsview,MN
03.19.2021-Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen MN
06.12.2021-Hanifl Performing Arts White Bear,MN
06.18.2021-District Entertainment Zone Des, Moines IA
06.19.2021-Big Four Fair Postville ,IA
07.03.2021-Spiritwood Resort Jamestown, ND
07.29.2021-Grandview Lodge Nisswa, MN
07.30.2021-TAK Music Venue Dillworth, MN
07.31.2021-Riverfest Theif River Falls, MN
08.06.2021-IC Nordeast Jam Columbia Heights, MN
08.19.2021-St Croix Music Series Stillwater, MN
08.20.2021-Pickled Loon Saloon Emily, MN
08.21.2021- Summerfield Amphitheater St Micheal, MN
08.26.2021-Tributefest Duluth,MN
08.27.2021-East Of Omaha Omaha,NE
08.28.2021-Cottonwood Cove, Blair NE
11.19.2021-Le Musique Room St Micheal, MN
11.20.2021- St Cecilia Theater Winona, MN
11.26.2021-Knuckleheads Kansas City, MN
11.27.2021-Buffalo Run Casino Miami, OK
12.31.2021-Treasure Island Casino Welch, MN



01.26.2022- Lyric Arts Anoka, MN
01.28.2022- Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen, MN
01.29.2022- Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen, MN
03.05.2022- Studio 212 Watertown. SD
03.25.2022- Pioneer Place Theater St Cloud, MN
03.26.2022- Le Musique St Micheal, MN
04.07.2022- Spirit Lake Casino St Micheal, ND
05.16.2022- Aberdeeen, SD
05.18.2022- Big Four Fair Postville,IA
05.28.2022- Summertime By George St Cloud, MN
05.29.2022- Alexandria Days Alexandria, Mn
07.02.2022- St Croix Casino Amphitheater Hertel, WI
07.03.2022-Pickeral Inn Pickeral, WI
07.07.2022- River Fest River Falls, WI
07.12.2022- Wilmar Rotary Wilmar, MN
07.15.2022- Le Musique St Micheal, MN
07.17.2022- Bavarian Blast New Ulm, MN
07.23.2022- Fort Randal Casino Lake Andes, SD
08.06.2022- Cottonwood Cove Marina Blair, WI
08.13.2022- Rockefest Devils Lake, ND
08.20.2022-Pickled Loon Saloon Emily, MN
08.25.2022- St Croix Music Series Stillwater, MN
08.26.2022-Tribute Fest Duluth, MN
09.02.2022- Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen, MN
09.03.2022- Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen, MN
09.23.2022- Route 47 Fridley, MN
09.24.2022- Mystic Lake Casino Shakopee, MN
10.21.2022- Equity Hall Pound, WI
10.22.2022- Equity Hall Pound, WI
11.18.2022- Wayzata Country Club Wayzata, MN
11.18.2022- St Croix Casino Turtle Lake, WI
12.03.2022- Studio 212 Watertown, SD




01.04.2020- Buffalo Run Casino Miami, OK
01.31.2020-TAK Music Venue Dillworth, MN
02.01.2020-Pioneer Place Theater St Cloud, Mn
02.12.2020 - 02.17.2020 - State Fair Tampa. FL
02.22.20-Superbowl Vikings Legends Moundsview ,MN
02.28.2020- Le Musique St Micheal, MN
02.29.2020- St Cecilia Theater Winona. MN
04.11.2020- Music In The Burbs Anoka, Mn CANCELLED
05.23.2020- Roof Garden Arnolds Park, IA  CANCELLED
06.20.2020- Big Four Fair Postville, IA
07.03.2020- Spiritwood Resort Jamestown, ND
07.24.2020- Le Musique St Micheal. Mn
08.07.2020- IC Nordeast Jam Columbia Heights, MN
08.14.2020-  Chanhassen Dinner Theater Chanhassen,MN

XPEDITION was blessed to have a few concerts in       2020.
Covid 19  Global Pandemic put the entertainment
industry  on hold for the health , and safety for all.



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