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The nation's premier Tribute






Experience Xpedition!


XPEDITION will astonish their fans with soaring lead vocal precision, much like the legendary Steve Perry. Accompanied by three part harmonies that are second to none. Fans will be amazed by the signature guitar parts, that will leave them wanting more!

Dynamic keyboard performances, rhythmic bass lines, and high energy drumming, round out the sound that transports you back in time, to the era of glorious arena rock.


Welcome to the official XPEDITION website. Since uniting their efforts in 2017, the members of this group have captivated fans with their signature sound that has taken the music scene by storm.

Throughout the course of their exciting journey as a group, the members of XPEDITION have won over the hearts of music lovers across the united states. Performing at a variety of venues, festivals, state fairs, casinos, and celebrity events. This talented Tribute Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. 

XPEDITION is a talented group of artists with a true passion for music. Ever since coming together and forming XPEDITION, they have been privileged to share their devotion to music and live performance with fans everywhere. Having overcome many challenges in a demanding industry, they are creating a distinct sound tributing some of the biggest bands in rock and roll, and are receiving well-deserved industry acclaim.


Xpedition EPK Video Preview

XPEDITION is ready to hit the stage running in 2022!


We are looking forward to a new year of entertainment for our music friends. The 2021 concerts were amazing, many great memories were made.


 There are some great concerts ahead for fans in 2022! Xpedition has added the music of Styx, to the already explosive line up of Kansas, Foreigner, and Journey. 


                 XPEDITION Is Ready To Rock 2022!         



Xpedition Trailer Check it out!

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